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The Four Hour Work Week – Really?

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The Four Hour Work Week

I’ve been reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris. Its a really interesting book that is hard to put into previous categories. Its a sort of self-help book, about personal finance, and ways to make money and live well. Though unlike other popular books of this type, it doesn’t necessarily promise to make you a lot of money, just enough to realize your dreams, which it points out, may cost much less than you expect, especially if you are willing to shift your focus from a desire to own things, to a desire to do things, and if you are willing to be open to doing those things in Brazil, or Cancun, as opposed to in Los Angeles, or Florida, or New York.

The focus of the book is really on duplicating what the author did, creating a product, outsourcing its manufacture and sales, then letting go of your feeling of needing to be active in order to get things done and instead taking a mini-retirement abroad, where you can live cheaply, presumably off the profits of your tiny outsourced company while still challenging yourself it lots of other ways, not related to your career.

Whether you will be able to emulate all of the steps Tim Ferris lays out, and duplicate his success, will depend to a large degree on your experience and imagination, but it will also depend to a great degree on how well you are able to free yourself from the demands that life is currently putting on you, the demands of family and career. Things that tie you to the place you are currently living, and your current lifestyle. But even at that this book could hardly help but be useful, because it also offers some life philosophy, a reality-check on the value of retirement as a payoff for your career, and some breakthrough tips on productivity and personal finance.

Not only is the book worth reading, but the steps Tim Ferris advises are definitely worth trying. You may end up free from previous constraints and financial difficulties, or at least a more confident person and a better negotiator.

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