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I am not dead.

September 25, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

For nearly two years and a month I’ve been away from this. I started it earnestly enough, but never made it a habit. Soon to come: a post about the value of consistency.

After reading over my previous posts I see that I need to work on my writing style. I enjoy showing off my vocabulary, and I often feel like it is important to be very specific, but I have a bad habit of being stiff, redundant and difficult to read.

I’ve often thought that I should take the style of Rudyard Kipling as my guide. His prose is usually an example of simplicity, and I could use more of that. Tim Ferris said in an interview that he found his voice for “The Four Hour Work Week” by writing it as he would write an email to a friend. I should find some way to make my writing more conversational, and more like my way of speaking. It would also be a good idea to shoot for a maximum number of words, or at least to put a summary of a small number of words before any post where I believe I need to go on at length.

WordPress tells me that before I began this paragraph I had a word count of 200. That seems like a good length to shoot for in future posts. I shall try to keep between 250 and 500 words per post, and if I feel like I need to write more than that I shall have a summary of no more than 200 words.

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