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Building a muscle that resists temptation?

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Building up the muscle that resists temptation?
I believe in exercising my brain. I’ve long been fascinated by mnemonics, memory systems and heuristics to help me think better. For some four years I’ve been a daily user of SuperMemo to help me learn and expand my knowledge.
In recent weeks I happened to see a lecture in a YouTube video from a neurologist at Google Talks who told of how his group was researching the use of game-like computer programs to help people build up cognitive skills. The main buzzword I remember from it was plasticity.
When I saw a TV ad for Lumosity at someone’s house, in which they used the word plasticity, I figured that they might be doing the same thing.
I’ve been on the site as a free user for some three weeks now. I snapped this screenshot from it a while back.
Having little money to spend on entertainment, and having a hard time understanding how a website with a collection of flash games is worth nearly ten bucks a month, I did some further searching, and found similar sites, my favorite alternative is mybraintrainer.com.

The reason I snapped THIS screenshot is because I found the claim amazing, that doing a flash game-like exercise could strengthen something in your mind that could help you resist temptation.
It would seem that questions of temptation, responsibility vs predestination and the mystery of how to know when a temptation is too great to resist may have left the domain of religion to be answered in the domain of neuroscience.
Are we feeling any symptoms of future-shock yet?
Maybe, if we believe them.
This also puts me in mind of an amazing article I read on The New Republic, about how temptation and the ability to resist it is being studied by economists:

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