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Joshua Foer at TED Talks

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s another video with Joshua Foer, recent American Memory Champion, talking about how he got into the competition, beginning as a science writer who learned the techniques memory athletes use, and entered the contest to gain an inside experience.

Joshua Foer is the author of the book, “Moonwalking with Einstein,” Which is a pretty good survey of what people know today about memory, how it works, how it goes wrong, and how it can be trained to a higher capacity.

What Joshua Foer has learned is, to paraphrase Piotr Wozniac, The difference between a genius and a person of ordinary mental abilities is not so much a difference on the biological or synaptic level, but a difference in their skill to handle information. The genius quickly dismembers information and forms simple models that make life easy.

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